How it works

Social Network for travellers


You can read the interesting & adventurous trip stories penned down by fellow travellers, browse through their itineraries and travel photos & get inspired to take such trips.


Using MytripWorldwide’s integrated planning tool Trip Planning, you can plan the perfect trip. With the help of the all bookable travel services, nearby attractions

Things to do

You might be taking a trip to a place for the first time, but using our planning tool, you can mark some splendid attractions that you would like to explore, good restaurants to fulfil your taste buds & opt to stay at comfortable hotels of your choice from the list. All these can be done for each of your waypoints


We will develop a detailed itinerary based on your planning, thereby helping the travellers to build a customised itinerary.


Well, if you are too lazy to plan a trip or are too busy with chores, you can simply replicate fellow travellers itinerary using the feature + to my itinerary & tweak it and voila, the next thing you do is heading for the trip.


If you love meeting new people while on trips or if you like to go on trips with new people, then you can join the trips planned by others from the range of options listed out in Itineraries


The Explore section will help you to book all travel services (Flight, Bus, Vehicle Renting, Adventure Activites, Hotels, Cruise, Holidays, Events)


Post planning & experiencing the trip, you can pen down your entire trip experience, upload travel photos and create visually stunning travel itineraries in your travel diaries & publish it.


Browse through the various trip stories penned down by the avid travellers worldwide. Add their trips to your wishlist using the feature + to my Bucketlist and plan your perfect vacation.


Don’t know what’s brewing in your neighbourhood? People can use events to know the events held near their neighbourhood viz. trekking, cycling, parkour, free running, motorbiking etc. With Events, people can organize gatherings, manage invitations to the fellow travellers.


If blogging is your passion, then don’t look beyond, you can create your blogs here, it could be travel and lifestyle or food across the globe. Just choose the category of your blog and start blogging.

At Trip Worldwide, we are bringing together travelers from around the world to plan, share and discover real, travel stories along with first hand reviews on various attractions, hotels, restaurants and activities. To facilitate everything mentioned above, a Social Networking platform exclusively meant for the travellers is offered as a complimentary service.

Social Networking Products:


Profile is where you can express who you are and the activities of your interest. You can choose what you want to share on your Profile, your adventurous activities till date, photos and videos, personal information like current city and hometown and details about the vehicle you own and other relevant information such as license number and insurance renewal date.

* Information sensitive data viz. sections Vehicle Details & Passport details would not be made public neither it would be shared with anyone without the user’s permission.


Feed is a regularly updating list of stories from the travellers and communities whom you are following. Fellow travellers can like or comment on what they see. Each traveller’s Feed is personalized based on their interests and the sharing activity of the travellers they follow.